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WaterBear Network - The Trees of Life

Perhaps no other tree deserves the title of 'The Tree of Life' more so than the mighty oak tree.. they sustain colossal amounts of biodiversity, in fact over 2,300 species of birds, mammals, invertebrates, mosses and fungi are supported by the oak tree

In this film, produced by Off The Fence for WaterBear Network, I head to Staffordshire to visit the Birmingham Institute for Forest Research (BIFoR) FACE facility, which is essentially a giant, open air forest laboratory!

Join me as I speak to leading scientists, learn about the cutting-edge research carried out on the site, and get a better understanding of how the hugely important oak tree may be affected by future changes of the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere

Always keen to find myself some bugs, this film also involved me climbing high up into the forest canopy and carrying out a bug hunt in the most bizarre location I think I've ever done a bug hunt!

Here's a clip below, but to watch the full film you'll need to sign up to WaterBear Network (it's completely free) and search for 'The Trees of Life'

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