Instagram Stickers

As well as my enthusiasm for the natural world, I'm also hugely passionate about using my voice to raise awareness for other causes. I decided to combine this with my love of design to start creating Instagram stickers, that can hopefully be used as a fun way to spread positivity!

Since my sister is hearing impaired, I'm particularly passionate about raising deaf awareness and have largely focused my efforts on that so far. But I'm keen to start widening my creativity, so please do get in contact if you'd like me to make you stickers for a particular cause!

Hearing Aid - Pink.gif
BSL #1.gif
Guide Dog.gif
BSL (Finger Spelling).gif
Hearing Aid - Blue.gif
Hearing Dog #1.gif
I'm Deaf - What's Your Superpower #3.gif
Deaf Awareness #1.gif
Cochlear Implant - Pink.gif
Cochlear Implant - Blue.gif