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Only the bravest celebrities dare to join me for Bugface, the show where a host of creepy crawlies prowl and frolic across a host of famous faces

Join me and my famous guests as we take a seat in the Bug Snug and learn all about some of the most fascinating little critters on the planet.. while they crawl around on the celebs' faces! And if they make it through the entire ordeal, they get to win the legendary Bugface Mug (yes, it's all for a mug!)

Will a close encounter of the many-legged kind change their feelings towards bugs? Will they get that prized Bugface Mug? And, most importantly of all, will they get pooped on?

You can find all of the available episodes below, or head over to the Bugface Playlist on the BBC Earth Kids YouTube channel!

Bugface Pic.jpg

Season 1

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