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After We've Gone

What do you get when you send two zoologist mates off on a wildlife-seeking mission to some of the UK's most incredible abandoned places? After We've Gone, that's what you get!

Join Dan O’Neill and I as we take you on an adventure to some insanely cool abandoned locations around the country, and discover some of the weird and wonderful species that moved in after all the humans moved out


Who knew that abandoned places were such a precious haven for a huge range of wildlife? - with everything from green tiger beetles and grey seal pups to little owls and pipistrelle bats setting up home in them! A particular highlight for me were the nighttime sequences, where I had the opportunity to put my ears to work and tune into the soundwaves of our nocturnal species. I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of these places and the lives of the people that once lived and worked there

You can find all of the available episodes below, or head over to the After We've Gone Playlist on the BBC Earth YouTube channel!


Season 1

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