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Yussef is a British zoologist and wildlife presenter. A self-confessed nature nerd, he loves nothing more than to get outside and immerse himself in the natural world - something he strives to encourage more people to do!

From holding his first crocodile when he was four years old to digging for earthworms in the school playground, Yussef has had a passion for natural history for as long as he can remember. As he grew up, his love for wildlife became more apparent and he began keeping a wide range of animals; from snakes to giant spiny stick insects! This just escalated his fascination, and led to him studying BSc Zoology at university.


With a background in zookeeping, Yussef has had hands-on experience working with some of the most weird and wonderful animals on the planet! He has also travelled to some amazing locations around the world to research and film some of these incredible animals in their natural habitats.

He is a big believer in using social media as a tool for science communication, and uses his platform and fun presenting methods as a way to captivate his audience. He particularly enjoys talking about the 'little guys' - whether that be the mussels in our waterways or the snails in our gardens - and why they are equally as important to our environment as the big, popular animals!

Yussef thoroughly enjoys sharing his enthusiasm about the natural world with others, which is something he's been able to put into practice while using a wide range of animals to present live shows and educational talks to audiences of all ages!


He has extensive experience in media production, having worked in everything from radio presenting to nature writing, however in more recent years he's developed an interest in presenting in front of the camera. He started off making his own wildlife videos on YouTube and has since collaborated and created content for organisations such as The Wildlife Trusts.

Please feel free to get in contact for any enquiries!