About Me

"Yussef is a zoologist and young wildlife TV presenter. A self-confessed nature nerd, he loves nothing more than to get outside and immerse himself in the natural world - something he strives to encourage more people to do!"

From holding my first crocodile when I was four years old to digging for earthworms in the school playground, I've had a passion for natural history for as long as I can remember. As I grew up, my love for wildlife became even more apparent and led me to study BSc Zoology at university.

After I graduated, I went on to work as a zookeeper, giving me hands-on experience with some of the most weird and wonderful animals on the planet! But my true passion was sharing my knowledge of these marvellous creatures with others, and that’s when I fell in love with presenting..

I began making audition videos and managed to get through to the final round of a nationwide presenting competition for CBBC, which involved going to their studio in MediaCity and filming alongside their presenters.

I was then lucky enough to land my dream job as one of the main presenters on the brand new children’s channel, BBC Earth Kids, where I host my very own show called Bugface! In each episode of Bugface, I’m joined by a celebrity guest who must come face-to-face with one of our very special creepy crawly guests.. all while we learn lots of fun facts about the critter!

I've also appeared on the BBC Bitesize Daily show, presenting VTs on subjects such as Food Chains and Animal Lifecycles, which are available to watch on BBC iPlayer, as well as appearing on Good Morning Britain to talk about the importance of spiders in our homes and why we shouldn't be killing them.

Most recently, I’ve been back working with BBC Studios again on a brand new show for BBC Earth Kids called Wild Bites!

Each episode of Wild Bites is a mini nature documentary focusing on one particular species - everything from Penguins and Crocodiles to Gorillas and Octopuses! This was another very surreal moment for me because, ever since watching David Attenborough documentaries as a kid, it's been a dream of mine to one day narrate my very own series of nature documentaries for the BBC!

As well as TV work, I'm also a big believer in using social media as a tool for science communication, and I like to use my platform and fun presenting methods as a way to captivate my audience. I particularly enjoy talking about the 'little guys' - whether that be the mussels in our waterways or the snails in our gardens - and why they are equally as important to our environment as the big, popular animals!

I’ve done a lot of collaborating with The Wildlife Trusts, producing online content for them as well as writing articles for their youth magazine. I've also appeared on their web show, Skomer Live, where I presented a short film on The Beetles of Skomer Island.


I'm always on the look out for new opportunities, and I have experience working in a wide range of presenting environments, including; television, radio, and live presenting in front of an audience. So you'd like to work together, then don't hesitate to get in touch!

Please feel free to get in contact for any enquiries!